Bricks and Mortar

November 29, 2016

Christmas shopping’s not so bad if you choose your stores wisely. It was basically a three store day: 1) REI–which is just like going to the candy store; 2) the Avid Reader–who doesn’t love an independent book store right in the middle of one’s own downtown? and 3) the Artery–a beautiful artist’s coop (I know you know this).

I damn near got everybody’s everything (not counting the things I got yesterday at Davis’ only downtown toy store, and a few fair-trade things I picked up at the Davis Food Coop).

Shopping made easy and fun.

I am not buying any ornaments this year, but if I were looking for something Christmassy to hang in my window, through which the sun could stream and leave rainbows on my floor, I might buy one of these:


They are glass, just gorgeous, about 6-8″ long, and at the Artery.

I also saw this–certainly nothing I’d buy (it’s $2000!)–and it really had me fooled. I saw the sign, but it didn’t compute. Hint: those are not rags:


As I said, I saw the sign, but it confused me. So I touched it, thinking maybe the ceramics were beneath. Heh. Glad I didn’t break it.

Anyway.. today was the kind of shopping where it’s a joy to meander, ponder and maybe buy. Bricks and mortar may be a dying shopping platform, but so far it’s worked out okay for me: between today’s three stores and yesterday’s two, I practically finished all my Christmas acquisitions. Farmer’s Market on Saturday for the food baskets and a wee bit of online shopping and we can call it good.

One Response to “Bricks and Mortar”

  1. Michael ann Says:

    Man, you are way ahead of the game. Good for you! I love shopping like that. Wish I had more time to do it…. I AM going to go buy an ornament at The Artery though. Love those!

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