The 70s

November 23, 2016

I have to say, that’s the first thing I notice down here… the warm air. It is just lovely as all get out.

It’s been a relaxing day… here are some shots:

Our room at the Crowne Plaza, Redondo Beach:


The view from the balcony… nice to have a clear shot of the PV peninsula!


Peter’s still sawing logs as the So Cal sun pours in:


Breakfast at that Pancake House (again, not the IHOP)…always  a wait…but at least it’s pleasant out there. Sun much?


I got the world’s weirdest, but yummiest, veggie omelet… my stand-by order. Those are also my coconut pancakes, and that’s Jim’s iced tea levitating in the background.


Peter got a Dutch Baby. Awesome.


Peter and Jim headed down to a nearby pitch ‘n put. Here’s P on the tee (photo courtesy of Jim):


They came back and Peter took grandma on in Gin (and won 184-78, good job, P):


While Jim did this…


And I blogged. Of course.

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