Hari and Sanu

November 20, 2016

When Bill was in Nepal, serving in the Peace Corps–nearly fifty years ago–he befriended a young boy, Hari. They worked together for the next three years, as Bill worked on getting water to his, and surrounding, villages. Hari cooked for Bill and his fellow workers and learned a lot about best agriculture practices.

Hari went on to a long and successful professional life in agriculture.

They stayed in touch.

When I was in Nepal five years ago, I met Hari. He and his wife Sanu hosted three of us for a wonderful lunch following our two weeks of trekking in the mountains around Everest. They were generous and amazingly kind.

Hari and his wife Sanu are in Northern California visiting Bill (and two others of his Peace Corps friends from the way back). Interestingly, their son is working on his masters at the University of Oregon.. also in the field of agriculture.

Such a great story.

Sabrina, Jim and I decided on a more-or-less typical American dinner…

Jim made veggie and chicken kabobs to grill…


I made a green salad with lots of fresh local stuff… (to be tossed, of course):


Sabrina made a killer potato salad with all kinds of veggies and expertly seasoned. No pics.

For dessert, Sabrina made an apple crisp and we baked chocolate chip cookies. So, so good.

Here we are:



2 Responses to “Hari and Sanu”

  1. Sabrina OHanleigh Says:

    This was such a lovely evening!! Thank you so much for hosting our event.

    And, we were so glad to spend time with Peter. He is such an impressive young man. Hearing his thoughts on politics, life, and other topics was enjoyable.

    I loved seeing our three children interact!!

    Happy Thanksgiving dear friend!! We are grateful to be considered a part of your lives. 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Elliot Margolies Says:

    Thanks for the uplifting story!

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