T Minus One

November 7, 2016

It’s. Almost. Over.



Longest, most horrifying, demoralizing election season ever. Gratified beyond measure that it’s almost over. After feeling smug during the few certain ups, and despondent during the too-frequent downs, my confidence in Hillary’s victory is now way back up and pretty solid. She’s got it, no question. Fingers crossed on the senate.

I’m most eager to hear how Trump will address his defeat tomorrow night. I am hoping against hope he takes the high road. He’ll need to be gracious, lest we have riots on our hands. I think he’ll do the right thing.



2 Responses to “T Minus One”

  1. Elliot Margolies Says:

    so want to trust in your confidence; Hoping and trying to assume Hillary wins, but I think the amount of antipathy so many of us feel toward Trump; his total failure as a compassionate, sensitive, insightful, respectful human, let alone a candidate for president, or dog catcher…..is also felt by his supporters about HRC. What a chasm we find ourselves looking across.

    • Kari Says:

      Polls aside, which are convincingly in Hillary’s camp, I think a large majority of people will cast a vote for Hillary. Many, a LOT more than seems reported, are WILDLY enthusiastic about her, and a gratifyingly large percentage are voting AGAINST him because, he’s just not even remotely a suitable candidate.

      Republicans have viable points to make FOR their platform and AGAINST Hillary, but they lined up behind an absolutely ridiculous candidate. They made an insanely stupid choice, frankly. He’s done a LOT of damage.

      And the damn republicans better get their act together. There are too many in the party who are driven by fear and hatred and they are bringing the party down. The republican leaders lack the courage to say no to them and it’s divided their party. THEY, as a party, need to find their own common ground and try to rebuild themselves in a modern world. They will never come back if they let the wackos control their party.

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