Red Onion

July 14, 2016

Growing up in PV, one of the main go-to restaurants in town was the Red Onion–right up there with the Admiral Risty and the Velvet Turtle. Always good for a celebration dinner.  It opened back in the 50s and is still around.

The hall is lined with memorabilia. Here are a couple shots:

When the top of the hill was still wide open spaces (I think the horses here are for effect only) …


An early menu, from the late 50s…


Ten cents for a coupla corn tortillas. I can’t imagine buying anything for ten cents.

Anyway, we met my mom’s birthday group for lunch. This is a group she’s been gathering with for decades. They are all tennis players, most of whom started playing together in the 60s when the Jack Kramer Club was founded. Many 50+ year friendships around that table.

It was Dolores’ 87th (or 86th) birthday today; she’s on the left, Reenie (Irene, low to mid 80s) is on the right:


Here are Jody, 87, and Sue (not sure of age)…


(Both Jody and Irene played golf this morning, Sue plays tennis five days a week, when not bothered by her knee.)

There were nine of us.  Very fun to drop into my mom’s social world. It’s a very shrinking world, but I’m glad she’s still got the birthday group.

From there, we headed to Manhattan Beach and shopped ’til we dropped. I am not kidding… that woman is a shopper. Then, finally, home to pack.

Chris came by and told us about the bombing in Nice; we talked about that and the changing world… it’s always fascinating to hear his take on things. He really soars, intellectually, when he’s talking about what he’s reading and prognosticating about what the future holds.

Then I left…

Here’s my fabulous hot dog dinner (Rock and Brews, terminal 1 at LAX):


I love dining at the airport. Even if I’m only flying back to Sac, it feels all travel-y and exciting.



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