Celebration So Cal Style

July 11, 2016

We celebrated this guy today:


We, being the Southern California contingent.

Celebration, being graduation and 18th birthday.

Where, being Matt’s and Michael’s great place, always a treat.

Celebration included satisfyingly salty apps, soft pollo & carne tacos, muchos cervezas and other bebidas, birthday cheesecake, cards & gifts—all served up poolside (except for those who played chess in the taxidermy room) on a beautiful So Cal day.

Here are some shots….

Clockwise around the fire pit and under the cabana, we have River, Alexis and John (I only now noticed the matching tatoos)…


John and mom (oh, the expressions) …


Aunt Ellie and Uncle Bud (rockin’ the yellow shirts!)…


On deck, Peter, with twins Dean and Matthew…


At the bar, Matt and Chris…can’t guess the conversation, but three must have been involved…


Poolside, Alexis, River, Sophie, Violet and Joey (Klondyke is MIA)…


A driveway moment with Betsy, Peter and Bev… I know, right into sun, sorry guys…


Cutting the strawberry cheesecake, which started out neatly enough…


but which turned into a bit of a messy proposition…


And one more of this guy, because, damn, he’s cute…


I’m bummed I didn’t get any good shots of Michael, Jim or Maita!  But they were all there, too.. behind people, out of focus, oddly expressioned.

And with that, I believe we have concluded the graduation and birthday celebrations for Mr. Peter Keaton Frame.






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