Road to Not Quite Hana

June 21, 2016

Not to be a broken record, but I awoke early, had a nice walk on the beach and returned to have breakfast on the lanai with Darlene. The evening was more or less an exact replica, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

The sun rises behind us, so a lot of the beach was shaded by mountains, trees and condos, but there was some sun to be had and it was so nice to sit in it. Plus, I had the place to myself.  Whistlin’ a pretty happy tune right about now.


I dipped, but didn’t swim; amazing to me that the air and water can be warm enough to enjoy at that hour. Truly one of the killer things about vacations in the tropics.

Today was going to be a rare group event… a waterfall hike… a plan we’d hatched the night before when we had everyone captive in our place (alas, one of our secret objectives of the evening). So no time to waste.

We swung by the boys’ place to collect them; they were making lunches:


Then, our two SUVs caravanned down Maui’s west side, toward Upcountry, and over to the Hana Highway.

Our goal was Twin Falls. This was a choice based on accessibility and expedience. The boys seemed up for a half day outing, but not much more. I got no takers for a longer trip along the famed highway. Totally fine with me; gives me something to look forward to next time.  My guidebook suggested skipping the crowded Twin Falls in favor of bigger, more spectacular falls down the road. If this was the small edition, I’m definitely looking forward to future waterfall excursions.

Short walk–less than a mile–on a shaded, well-used trail, with some water crossings:


Dense no-name tropical vegetation:


I do recognize bamboo:


Our destination:


I will say, the setting made for some great lighting and pretty water shots. I brought the Lumix and got some sneaky pics of the boys. Despite the better camera, most are still fuzzy, but they give you a good idea of the place.

Jordan, Peter and Reed…


Love these of Peter and Reed:


P1200316 (1)

P1200318 (1)

P1200319 (1)

Jordan and his sunburn:


I wasn’t as sneaky as I thought:


This is an outright pose:


Have Go-Pro will travel….


In the wild:



Jacob and Peter climbing walls and vines:


Jordan’s taking a picture of his older sister Helena, Carolyn checks it out:


Jordan’s mom Denise and her boyfriend John:


So enjoyed spending time with Carolyn:


Love the candidness of this..


After an hour or so, we headed back down. Had tropical pops on sugar cane as a post hike treat…


I was able to talk the boys into going into Kahalui with me to get a charging cable for my Mac so I could blog (which, in the end, I never actually did while in Hawaii… maybe that’s a good thing). In return, I treated them to shave ice at Leoda’s on the way home. Win win.

Mellow rest of evening. Darlene and I watched the sunset from our lanai…


(ho hum.)

….and ate our chicken and meat pot pies, purchased a couple days ago on our first trip to Leoda’s.


They were just amazing.

We sat and talked late into the night…fascinating conversation, and apparently lively and loud. Around midnight, we got a visit from Kuleana authorities letting us know that they’d received complaints from other residents about our volume and asking us to keep it down!

Imagine that…










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