Lime in the Coconut

June 19, 2016

The ladies wake up early and have breakfast on their lanai.


They marvel anew at their good fortune to have selected such a nice condo along the Ka’anapali coast:


Our place is actually nestled back in that greenery behind Darlene and, in case you forgot, looks like this:


After a walk on the beach to check out the environs and nearby condos (thinking ours the very best), eating seemed a high priority. So we headed a few miles past Lahaina to a place called Leoda’s, famous for its pies–both savory and sweet–and sandwiches. Yes, this will do.


We split a sandwich called “Pork, pork, Mmmm Pork” (grilled butter white bread, proscuitto, duroc ham, applewood bacon, salami, swiss, grain mustard, house balsamic) and another, the Seared Ahi (grilled rye bread, seared fresh sashimi grade tuna, avocado, caramelized kula onion, jarlsberg cheese, local basil pesto, garlic aioli and watercress).


And some islandy iced teas.

We also took home one each chicken pot pie and meat ‘n potato pie (which came with a side of horseradish)… for a later night when we didn’t feel like cooking (that was every night).

We chased those sandwiches right down with a shave ice that we got next door at the general store.. all crazy with various tropical flavors, a foundation of ice cream, and topped with cream, as though.


We drove back through Lahaina. While I’d been there before, I’d forgotten how lively and beachy (and touristy) it was. Very fun concentration of shops, restaurants, bars, galleries. I had not forgotten this banyan tree. A jaw-dropping tree of impressive diameter with roots that drop and take hold throughout its sizable canopy. It practically spans an entire square city block.


Walks are pretty along the Lahaina harbor…


Two son-less gals about town on an island far far away, we could be utterly spontaneous. We saw some guys on a forth story roof tuning guitars, looking like they were ramping up for a night of music. We found the stairs and headed up.

Turns out this is Mick Fleetwood’s restaurant (of the same name) and was crawling with boomers who had done their Lahaina homework. This was a great score. We settled into a place at the bar, ordered some fancy drinks, and were treated to the sundown ceremony at Fleetwood’s–a bagpipe concert, of sorts (because Mick is faithful to his Scottish roots).

First, here’s us at the bar:


Aren’t we goofy?

Here’s part of the drink menu (I got the Lime in the Coconut and D got the Mezcal Mule):


And here’s our bagpipe serenader as the sun set:


When he finished, the band took over and played all kinds of familiar rock tunes. Awesome.

And that was pretty much our Sunday. Hoping the boys are also having a fun time.


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