Congratulations, P

June 17, 2016

A week after the fact… Jim, Peter and I finally got to celebrate Peter’s graduation from high school!  Between all the activities of last weekend, and then getting ready to take off for La Jolla and the UCSD orientation (which didn’t happen because Peter got sick), and then four days of Peter’s being sicker ‘n a dog… we just weren’t able to celebrate. But tonight… we did.

Peter’s choice: Buckhorn Steakhouse. Of course.

I always enjoy the drive to Winters, but it was especially dramatic this evening because of the heavy cloud cover:


And a couple other farmland shots…



Here’s the Buckhorn…


And Peter and Jim, while we waited for our table to be ready.. (do you think they look alike?):


Good dinner, great conversation, and a few clinking of glasses.

I’d spent a couple of hours this afternoon collecting my thoughts–finally–about how his graduation from high school touches me. It was a bit tearful, but mostly a gratifying exercise. He opened our cards when we got home, but hasn’t read my comments yet. They’re long, and he still has a lot to do to get ready for a 4:30am airport departure. I expect he’ll read them at some point, and take in some of what I said, but I also suspect the writing was more for me than for him.

Love that boy.




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