Men at Work on Water

June 15, 2016

Big doings on A Street. A water line going in, on its way to campus.  Hopefully, this means A Street gets a resurface soon.


(Yes, slow news day.)


More notably, Peter and I are in Davis. We were supposed to have boarded a plane today for San Diego, where Peter was to attend orientation at UCSD tomorrow and Friday (and I, parent orientation). But Peter came down with a horrible sore throat, fever and headache yesterday. Jim took him in for a strep test this morning and Dr. Honeychurch recommended against the trip. Hard to share a dorm room with a stranger when you’re sick, not to mention it’s kind of uncool to expose said stranger to whatever germs you’re carrying. So we canceled. Incredibly bummed. Rescheduled orientation for September, just prior to moving into the dorms and starting school. Not ideal, but that’s what it is.

We got credit on our flight for a future flight–thank you Southwest–but the hotel was not so agreeable. Not even when I said we had a UCSD freshman and we’d love to simply move our reservation to September, and then would likely be returning guests for the next four years. Wouldn’t budge. I consider that horrible customer service, so will never go back. And you shouldn’t either: Inn by the Sea, La Jolla. Scratch them right off your list.


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