June 12, 2016

Starting to feel it today….

The Peter projects list is shrinking with many anxiety items checked off:

  • Senior year: a wrap
  • Baseball: a wrap
  • College: researched, applied to, heard from, narrowed down, chosen..and re-chosen
  • Major: picked
  • Registration, housing contract, dorm application, orientation: in process
  • Pass Spanish 6: done
  • Graduation: done
  • Graduation gift: in process
  • Grad Night: done
  • Graduation party: done
  • Grad trip, vacations, summer schedule: planned
  • 18th birthday: in process


A sense of relaxation is welling up…  hasn’t overtaken the end-of-high school-transition-to-college anxieties fully… but it’s beginning its surge. Checked a lot off the list this weekend.

Today… just hung out with Matty and Michael, enjoying the hell out of a day I didn’t have to plan and execute. Brunch, a matinee, two more grad parties… bring on the wine!

I so enjoyed Matt & Michael’s visit. Here’s a pic, in front of Mishka’s of course.. pre-movie iced tea on a lovely warm, but not too warm, afternoon:



This was also the day we learned of the murder of 49 people in an Orlando gay bar, with another 53 injured in yet another mass shooting. Again an assault rifle. Again a disaffected,  discontent, misled, confused young man who had easy access to a machine gun. Again, after the rampage, guns sales soared, again contributions to the NRA spiked, again the spewing of hysterical rhetoric about how the government will soon be after our guns. An added dimension, because it’s election season: one presidential candidate is exploiting the tragedy with renewed promises, if elected, to restrict Muslims and anyone from a Muslim country from entering the US, and embellishing that with hints at installing surveillance equipment at US mosques. The candidate, capitalizing on fear and stoking hatred, bellows over social media about getting tough on dangerous immigrants once and for all, because nobody else is, and claims he is the only leader who can keep us safe, and then congratulates himself for also being the only guy with the guts to speak out on radical Islamic terrorism.

Deeply saddened by this whole sorry state of affairs.

People should not be dying at the hands of unstable people with ridiculously easy access to military-style weapons.

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