More Endings

June 10, 2016

The next couple days are going to be a bit of a blur. At this moment, it’s quiet, the calm before the storm. Peter left a few minutes ago for a big dress rehearsal at the high school for all graduating seniors. Family arrives this morning, in about an hour, which begins multiple organized meals and lots of visiting. Can’t wait. Tonight: the big event, followed by the big ol’ hairy Grad Night extravaganza (see a few pics below of yesterday’s all-day set up. Oh my.). Can’t wait. Tomorrow, more visiting and a celebration party for Peter. Can’t wait! Sunday, more celebrations, more planned meals, and more visiting. Family departs Sunday evening then.. it might hit. (Maybe… we’ll be turning right around and heading to La Jolla for UCSD’s orientation, followed immediately by Peter & Co’s Hawaii grad trip. Then, maybe it’ll hit.)

But for now… for the next three days, family, celebrations, galas… and lots of photos, you know, in case it’s all too blurry here in graduation central.

Will catch up with all of that in later posts.


For now, this particular ending… the get Peter up for school effort. No more school.. no more this…

Jim’s that parent, the one who is mostly on the front lines of the get up battle. His weapon? The guitar. More mornings than not, it’s the serenade method, and looks like this:


Thank you, yes, I managed to stealthily snap this photo a couple of weeks ago, sensing the end of this lovely, often hilarious ritual.

Hilarious because throughout, Peter is groaning and begging Jim to leave, to come back in one more minute. The relentless chorus. He’s usually unconscious.. I’m not even sure he hears the guitar.

But Jim persists, also relentlessly.

Shit, but I’ll miss that.


So.. you know it’s a huge violation of the tradition of Grad Night secrecy to reveal anything at all about the theme(s) of Grad Night (and its many venues within). I’ve resisted posting pictures in the past about the various elements I’ve come across in this months long Grad Night planning endeavor.

Yesterday was set up day. As soon as the junior high school kids cleared out–their last day of school–the Grad Night set up folks moved in to begin the amazing transformation of Emerson. I was there for about six hours of it.

Being careful not to give up too much…

There must have been a hundred volunteers on hand, in each of two shifts. Volunteers registered in the hospitality room, got name badges and were sent off to their assigned locale. People were running around all over the place in very organized chaos. Experienced crews were there from some of the area’s construction contractor businesses. The Sacramento Theatrical Lighting folks were everywhere. All the set up committees were in their respective places hanging, assembling, stapling, taping, cutting, draping.. on hands and knees, on ladders, on scaffolding, on scissor lifts…

Here’s one of the larger venues.. the casino:


I was asked to purchase a new ping pong table a couple days ago.. last minute need. Jim picked it up for me, delivered it to Emerson, and volunteers worked today to assemble it in the gym, where, after the last of the hypnotist shows, kids can unwind with ping pong and basketball..


I thought the tool check out was well done.


They provided a huge buffet dinner for all the volunteers.. which was nice.. all with donated food. All and all… this is one huge effort.

Here’s the butt of one of the three co-chairs… (speaking of endings..)


Taking Matt, Michael and Heidi over this afternoon for a tour. Grad Night is so big, and the contributions so widespread throughout the community, that touring it before the doors open at 9:30pm for the graduates is a big event in itself.

And at that point I can finally take real pictures.. and will post later. A year’s worth of work on the part of hundreds and hundreds of people… and tens of thousands of dollars in community donations.

Hope it comes off okay… Peter’s stories will tell.

3 Responses to “More Endings”

  1. basykes Says:

    It’s fun to be in on the ground floor of something and, 20 years later, see how it has evolved. We were on the committee that organized the very first grad night. Quite different than today (and a lot less parental involvement!)

    • basykes Says:

      (Make that probably more like 30 years! Gawd, I’m old…)

      • Kari Says:

        That is so cool that you were part of the original conceiving/planning effort. But of course!! Is it really 30 years old??? Wow.

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