Trip Day 1: Day in the Travel Zone

August 5, 2015

The only trouble with exploring a land far away is the getting there part. It is one grueling endurance event. Not complaining (well yes, I guess I am), but it requires an abundance of patience, a sizable bag of tricks, a ton of good attitude. And amnesia. Forgetting how tedious air travel can be really helps.

But hey! We’re goin’ on a trip! Here are some shots from the first 24.

The Davis Airporter arrives around 10:00am. Super nice to let them do the driving. (Most especially on the back side.. a good thing to remember.)

First stop: San Francisco. And, first of many conversations with the boy.


Flying SAS.


Seemed like a good idea at the time. By the end of trip, I’m far less enamored of the Scandinavian Air Service, and not likely to fly them again.

But what I did love was that once you get to the SAS terminal, you find yourself among lots of Scandinavians who snacka Svenska och Norska och Danska.


I was unprepared for the emotional impact of this. I hid it well, but I was tearing up all over the place.

Once onboard, these squirming brothers (not so squirming here) were a steady source of entertainment for me. I had their dad behind me, who apparently drew child management duties for this flight. He was also entertaining. And resourceful.


Peter and I started our Gin Rummy tournament. We played a LOT of hands on this flight. So fun.

SAS did have this very cool set of cameras you could tune into if the in-flight movies didn’t grab you….especially appreciated if you were in one of those middle seats (in a 9-seat row) and couldn’t look out the window. Here’s a shot from the “looking down” camera, leaving the Bay Area…


Here’s a shot pulling into Copenhagen…


Always interesting to see different countries’ airport design. These are large lounge thingies in the Copenhagen airport where we had a short layover (so short, they missed loading my suitcase onto the next plane to Norway) …


It was nice to get out into the sunshine and onto Danish soil!

Posting this picture not because it’s great of me, but because I like the bald head growing out of my own. And the sun…. it feels SO GOOD after a long redeye.


And it was Denmark. I’m still emotional. I’m just so happy to be here.

This is actually the next day, as time zones go…Next stop, Stavanger, Norway.

(See, my suitcase is not on this plane…)

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