Buh Bye Yosemite

August 2, 2015

Go home day. Always sad. Leaves them (me) wanting more (always). I figure part of my melancholy related to my inability to hike much this year and this sense that I am missing too much. Truly, this is a jab to the heart.

Okay, so that was icky, but we cut our trip short anyway because we’re leaving in two days on a really big trip, so no time to be too sad.

Some last day traditional pics…

Me ‘n P on the stoop of our cabin:


The smaller-than-usual Frame contingent: John, Dean, Matthew, Maita, Jim and Peter (no Matalon-Frames this year for a variety of reasons: Ben out of country, Maia living in D.C., and Monica tweaked her knee and couldn’t walk):


Before departing, Peter and I decided on YET MORE GIN RUMMY (I’m tellling you, the kid’s hooked). But who could blame us…


On the road by about 11:30. Parting shots of the meadow:

A close up of Lembert…


A far away of Lembert….


Cloud over Pothole…


Then, stopped at the Priest Station for lunch…


Opted for the Old Priest Grade…with a view across the canyon of the New Priest Grade…


In spite of lots of rain in the Sierra this summer, Don Pedro’s still scarily low…


But here’s something to smile about…. our first Bernie bumper sticker…


(From Costa Mesa, no less…)

Got home around 4:30.. four hours on the road, plus an hour stop. Worth every hip-compressing, legs-restless, butt-tiring second.

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