Pibnib Day

April 18, 2015

Or as another friend called it, “Nitwit Day.”

Picnic Day’s always a mix. Some great events, a lot of tradition, a lot of good hometown energy… and some horrifying behavior on display, mostly the result of warm weather, beer pong games that are in full swing by 9:00am and too many young people short on good sense. It’s gotten so bad (and dangerous) that the University seriously considered terminating the tradition a couple years ago. Big deal, considering this year is the 101st annual…. that’s a lot of tradition to throw out the window. So they didn’t.

As I type this, midday, there’s been a steady stream of sirens, and as I look out my window, I’ve seen a lot of patrolling cop cars. There will be a lot of red cups to clean up and maybe some barf. If you’re Sabrina and Bill, you got barf and pee and very sick kids as the day wore on.

That aspect of Picnic Day drives a lot of community folks out of town. It really can get disgusting. We usually hang in… traditionalist that I am. Trying always to find the good stuff. At least it’s fun to watch people.

Anyway, some photos…

Here’s the shirt I’m wearing today.  Backstory below:


About twenty six years ago, I was in Thailand and bought this t-shirt at about midnight in an open air market. I was punchy and jet-lagged and thought it was funny. It reads:


There are lots of interesting.  Thing to do in the town

That’s Why we just can’t Stay at Homed

Anyway we Must Go out of Doors all our Friend are on Parado


Ever since, whenever I’m at a parade, I think, “all our friend are on parado.”  As you can see, I still have the shirt and decided to wear it today… actually the first time I’ve worn it to a parade.. after twenty six years. Ha.

On the way to the parade, we walked through Farmer’s Market.. looks like the Putah Creek Crawdads got the nod as the Picnic Day entertainment:


Then… some parado shots….

A Cal Aggie Marching Band-Uh member… nice day, huh? We’re sitting on a Second Street curb, between E & F.


This was pretty cute (the whole band’s on their backs on the ground):


One of these amphibious cars:


One of the Whimcycles:


I’m not a huge parade person, but it was fine.

Then… we went to Crepeville for lunch, got a table outside.. very, very nice:


Except for these guys…


… who were partying on a balcony unit directly above Crepeville, who, in their drunken stupor, toppled a full bottle/glass of something over the edge that came crashing down to the ground right next to an adjacent table… glass shattered and sprayed everywhere. The couple at the table next to us had two dogs that had to be cleaned of glass. The kids above remained oblivious or indifferent to the drama they’d caused.


Still, lunch was great on a lovely day. Afterward we headed over to campus for a brief walk along the outskirts of the festivities. Came upon this display and participated in the challenge…


You were to pull a photo, attached to a magnet, from a bucket, and place it in its appropriate spot on the map. I drew a photo of the Food Coop–had no trouble recognizing it, but had a little trouble finding its place on the map because the map was upside down and the detail small… but finally did.

The other folks here are Bob Dunning’s family… Bob’s standing right behind “the red haired girl of his dreams” and coaching her, probably. That was a fun little added bonus.

We headed home. Just past the corner of 5th and A, where the fraternity was having a rousing party, we came upon this partied-out young woman:


Another couple of students were passing her at the same time and thought to ask her how she was doing… she flashed a thumbs up so we all stepped over her and continued on our way. Not a pretty sight. I saw her about twenty minutes later making her way swervingly up A Street. Jim called it in.

The UCD baseball team is out of town and it sounded like they may have had the annual Picnic Day track meet last night, so no sporting events are calling me this year…

Dinner with P&J will cap the day.


6 Responses to “Pibnib Day”

  1. Elliot Margolies Says:

    great shot of Jim ending his hunger

  2. basykes Says:

    P&J…Peanutbutter and Jelly? 🙂

  3. Teresa Cheyney Says:

    Ay, caramba! I have a memory of picnic day about 40 years ago. We had our bikes and Brian about 9 mo. old in the kiddie seat. A couple of drunk guys walked past, one pushed the other over into me. I remember holding on to the bike as long as I could until we all fell on the ground. Chad pulled the guy off me, Brian was crying and I thought Chad was going to punch the guy in the face! No one was hurt, thank goodness!

    • Kari Says:

      You don’t say! Students were obnoxious and all drunky back then, too? There are a lot of people who think PD has gotten worse in recent years and just ought to be discontinued b/c of the drunken parties. I don’t really know what the solution is, but I don’t think it’s a new phenomenon (and your experience supports this). I saw a lot of sane events and BBQs/gatherings around town yesterday… and those all looked fun. Seems the problem is with frat houses and big huge parties, and bars that start pouring at 9am. And seems it’s mostly a problem in downtown and for residents close to campus. Leaving town seems a good option.

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