It Never Gets Old

April 14, 2015

I went to Costco today, which means I saw a lot of this:


Maybe I love it so much because I grew up in the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles–hours from the nearest crop. Nary a tractor did we see.

I just find it pleasing.

I get a kick out of visits from my family, when we can drive minutes in just about any direction and see crops. Better yet, get stuck behind a tractor, or get buzzed by a crop duster. I feel all proud of my new home (never mind that I’ve lived here, in the heart of farmland, for over thirty seven years, and lived in the greater LA basin for only eighteen).

3 Responses to “It Never Gets Old”

  1. Chris Smith Says:

    I remember when dairy cows were pastured near Hawthorne and Sepulveda, and corn was grown around Torrance airport and there were strawberry fields along PV South. Not of late, but at least in our time. And where we both grew up, though it has less open land than Davis environs, beats it hands down on open water.

    • Kari Says:

      Well….. yes. And the peninsula definitely had a lot of open space, including the mother of all open spaces–the great Pacific (and miles of sandy beaches).

      And I also remember the field here and there where real live food items were grown… but it’s nothing like the horizons in view right outside of the neighborhoods that surround Davis. Just not the same.

      Love the ocean. Love the mountains. Love the rolling vineyards over the hill in Napa. Coming to terms with (and loving) the flat farmlands of the central valley. I’d better.

  2. basykes Says:

    It’s strange how we never forget our “home.” I still call San Francisco home, and I haven’t lived there since I was 18.

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