DIY Chic

February 16, 2015

Guess what I gave myself this morning:


This is the I-can’t-go-another-millisecond-with-this-awful-hair haircut, the do-it-yourself-in-desperation haircut, the I-can’t-even-wait-two-weeks-for-my-appointment-with-Carrie haircut.

These do-it-yourself jobs are not as easy as they would seem. As careful as I tried to be, I’m pretty certain no two hairs of equal length were cut. Maybe you can see that better in a close up:


Looks a little like Chinese-character soup.

Cut a little on this side, then a little over on that side to match it, and then, oops, back over here to even it out (that whole thing)…and, then, oh, when it swings back to its rightful location it’s now way shorter than the others. Cut. Cut.

Okay, so it’s a wee disaster. I’m okay with that; I’ve been wearing it up for weeks so the sawtooth effect hardly matters. I’m this close to lopping it ALL off anyway. For now, if it makes it easier to wash and comb out, it’s a successful cut. FTW!

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