February 4, 2015

As I sort of understand it, we were have a conjunction of sorts last night with our full snow moon (I think a full moon in February is called a snow moon) and the planet Jupiter. This rare phenomenon occurred on February 3rd, but I got my photo of the event after midnight so it qualifies as my February 4th picture.  So there.

This is what Wikipedia says about such things:

A conjunction occurs when two astronomical objects have either the same right ascension or the same ecliptical longitude, normally when observed from the Earth.[1][2] In the case of two objects that always appear close to the ecliptic – such as two planets, or the Moon and a planet, or the Sun and a planet – this implies an apparent close approach between the objects as seen on the sky.



What really happened today: Jay took off, after a really wonderful four-day visit.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed having him here.

I didn’t get a picture of him today, but here’s one that sits on the shelf in my office..one of my favorite photos of the two of us.. I’m four, he’s three. (Chris is a pesky infant, Matt’s not around yet.)kari and jay 1

Jay is a very nice guy.

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