Where’s the Snow?

February 2, 2015

After a warm, sunny day in the San Francisco Bay, a visitor to Northern California needs to experience the great Sierra Nevada.. and winters are so beautiful, what with all those snow-covered peaks and such. But no such. No snow.

We enjoyed it anyway because Jay’s been living in the heat and humidity of Thailand for almost five years and pretty much anything below 89 degrees is a novelty.

Headed up I-80 to meet Karen in Reno. Jay drove, I snapped pics, like this one: handsome dog in beat up pickup:


Snow on the California side? Even at the summit? Not so much:


Snow at a ski resort on the Nevada side? Some: P1180683

We arranged to meet Karen at Cabella’s, a huge sporting goods store. We are not in California anymore, Toto:



We ate lunch in a fantastic, fantastic restaurant in downtown Reno, The Great Full Garden. Go there; you will not be disappointed:


Then headed up Nevada State Route 431, the Mount Rose Highway, to get some views, snow (hopefully) and cool temps. We got views, a bit of snow, and really cold temps… like about 32-36 or so… nice!  Here we are:


It was so much fun hanging out with Karen for the day. Since Nepal, I’d only seen her a couple of times (hiking at Tahoe once and in Yosemite Valley one summer), so it was a nice reunion. Jay hadn’t seen her in ten years, since Betty’s memorial service so we had lots of catching up to do. (Brief backstory: the Hesse, Peterson and Osborne families–6 parents and 13 kids among us–were the closest of family friends..our parents having met in the early 1950s as neighbors on 39th Street in Manhattan Beach. Dad and Mr. Hesse were colleagues at TRW and worked together for decades. Only two of the parents remain, the kids are all still buds.)

Here’s what it looked like at the Mt. Rose Summit. This is, by the way, the highest summit open year-round in the Sierra Nevada mountain range (8,911 feet). Not much snow, huh?


And the view back down to Reno:


We drove back into town for a cup of coffee for the road, past this nice barn in what should have been a field covered in snow:


You know it’s February 2nd, right?

We all said goodbye, and Jay and I headed back to California via Truckee for dinner at Moody’s. Had chicken pot pies which were really wonderful.


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