About Town

November 28, 2014

Day after Thanksgiving…turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, pies. As it should be. Before the rains came, we managed a few outings:

Paid a visit to Dad’s memorial bench:


Shopped downtown (including a trip to mom’s favorite store):


Do you love those expressions?

And saw a terrible movie, Interstellar, though this is a cool picture of one of the scenes.


We all went, minus Peter, who, ironically, was probably the only one who might have appreciated it. Whatever cleverness it had was lost in triteness and overacting. Oh well. It was sci-fi…whattaya want? I think Peter will like, when he eventually sees it, the wormhole and the ideas around the 5th dimension and time warps.

2 Responses to “About Town”

  1. I loved Interstellar….

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