Chris’ Double Nickels

November 26, 2014

It’s not so bad having the whole family here in Davis. I can’t remember the last time, if ever there even was one, when my entire family was here in Davis. (They would call this my family of origin, and I’d have to amend to say it’s missing my dad.) Well, wait, now that I think about it, the last time everyone was here was Jim’s and my wedding back in 1996.. and that time did include my dad.

Anyway.. not important. But it is kind of fun to host and entertain and take care of everyone. Liking that a lot.

Some selected shots from today:

Remember the botched birthday cake? In case you don’t, look at yesterday’s post for a description, but here’s another picture of it (that is a memorable frosting job, Jim!):


After a Facebook query, Jim got some suggestions and commenced to repair the damage this morning. First, he removed all the frosting, then shaved off enough of the cake to make the top and bottom layers flat. In the meantime, he’d made a batch of thin butter cream frosting to use as both mortar and a primer coat of sorts. He smeared a layer onto the bottom and re-stacked the second sheet, then covered the whole thing in a thin layer of his thinned-down frosting. He then stirred the old frosting together with all the bits of chocolate cake that had adhered to it during its removal, and created a new batch of coffee-colored frosting with cake bits embedded. This he spread all over the re-formed cake.

And this is what he ended up with:

fixed cake

Quite an improvement, right? Even looks edible.

So, that was the cake incident.

Here is another picture, any guesses what it is?


What if I zoom out?


Exactly… that is a head of garlic cut in half.  Which we used for the brine into which we dunked the turkey:


Which is now sealed up and sitting outside, hopefully getting all infused with flavor and moistening right up.

Back to the afternoon… here are Matt and Chris hanging out on the couch. Chris wears Hanes.


So, yeah, it was Chris’ 55th birthday. Here’s a shot of the cake Peter just lit and carried out (so nice to have a capable teen):


So.. good evening, good day. The dinner was excellent (the meatloaf is definitely a keeper recipe). Jay brought some wonderful wines. The cake made a total comeback. We had a few good rounds of Balderdash. No catastrophes, minor, major or otherwise.

A pretty nice time was had by all.

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