Getting Ready to Get Ready

November 23, 2014

I have this long but manageable list of stuff to get done before family shows up on Tuesday. I’d spread it out over a few days, which made it even more manageable. I had this one item–shelve books–because it was just flippin time to cull and organize our entire book inventory.. and to shelve those that were gathering in stacks all over the place.

That turned into a two-day project–I’m going to guess about 14 hours or so. It was one of those projects that had hidden tendrils, and so not only did books get dealt with, but so did a whole lot of other related things: artwork got hung, games and puzzles got sorted, a couple drawers got cleaned out. And I got ruthless on the knick knack stuff.  I also did an aggressive sweep through the video and music collections.

Packed up even more books today to donate, and a couple bags of shelf junk, too. And remind me why I ever, EVER save shells and rocks?  Good lord. Those are all getting scattered in the back yard somewhere, somehow. Maybe in an interesting way, maybe not.

Anyway, no more shelf and bookcase stories for a while.

Oh, but I will show you this one bookcase… it’s sorta the non-fiction portion of the program (though not the only non-fiction in the house)… mostly here we have: travel, hiking, mountain adventure stuff; books about California, the region and Davis; political books, social, cultural & economic commentaries; biographies; reference books; gardening books, and finally big giant coffee table books (because we don’t actually have a coffee table).


I thought this was interesting about the overall collection: the authors whose books we have the most of are:

– Neal Stephenson who writes science and historical fiction books, as well as books about math, philosophy and cryptography.. you know, among other things (10)

– John McPhee who writes all about geology (among other things, but it’s the geology books we have so many of) (8)

– Anne LaMott who’s just a great, funny and inspiring member of the human community (7)

You can probably figure out which of us reads which authors.

Anyway… that’s really it for books for awhile. And bric-a-brac.

The real photos of the day though are some default fall stuff… sky, leaves… and stunning at that. Sky on way to brunch this morning:


Central Park sycamore leaf drop on the way home:


Starting tomorrow, really getting ready for Thanksgiving.

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