Besoaked and Besodden

November 20, 2014

These are two of my most recent favorite words and describe the day pretty well. I can find neither in the dictionary, however, but maybe I’m not looking hard enough. I’m not beyond making up words, but these seem pretty legit.

Anyway, I’m enjoying a rainy day–especially the part in the cafe with book and coffee and muffin. Had great intentions to plow through a bookshelf purging and reorganization project, but … well … other stuff happened.

So… here are a few rainy day shots: the first one is apparently what it looked like in the seventies when it rained, because the filter I used is called, descriptively, ’70s: 


Does that say seventies to you? To me it says besoaked and besodden.

The next couple are just under-the-umbrella shots… tricky if you’re holding said umbrella and leftover burrito in one hand and shooting with the other. It is raining, even if you can’t tell:



One Response to “Besoaked and Besodden”

  1. aquasoul Says:

    Love those words! They sound real to me. Kind of like…bespeckled, besotted, besprinkled, beseeched….makes me want to go have tea in the merry old England!

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