Happy Place

November 16, 2014

Here is the perfect morning.

Wake up in a warm cabin in the heart of the Sierra. Button up flannel pajamas and amble downstairs. Pour some Peet’s into a large fiesta cup and add a splash (more than a splash) of half and half. Kick back.

Breathe in the incomparable aroma of fresh-baked crackers (I’m not kidding, these are amazing: bit of wheat flour, dried fruit, nuts, rosemary and other wholesome goodnesses).

Julie’s hands cut slices from previously baked-then-cooled loaf…


… and spread on sheet to bake until crispy:


Fill a plate with warm, crunchy crackers, cover in goat cheese, add a few hunks of cantaloupe. Sit, eat and quietly thank your angels.

After a bit, replace flannel pjs with levis, your favorite black waffle henle, and a few more layers of pile and down. Lace up boots and mobilize for a walk in 32 degree mountain air.

Then, camera and iPhone at the ready, head downriver (the Upper Truckee) for a couple-mile walk with a pair-o-pals.

First, the photographer on a sunny morning:


An early morning river shot:


A genuine tree hugger:


Who’s climbed up this tree.. Julie up, Carrie down:


Looking downriver (as Julie dismounts):


Walking on:


More of my favorite river shots from today, and more experimentation with different filters:




Then head back, pack, clean, empty and load up. This is Gail, a very generous and gracious cabin host out in front:


And a couple views down 50 again, because I can’t resist road shots:



Perfect morning. Happy place.

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