How to Drive Your Husband Crazy

November 13, 2014

Someone thought these were very pretty fall street-scapes. It wasn’t Jim.

I just thought they were worth a few quick snaps.

I mean, imagine: Walking downtown. it’s wet, heavy, dark, be-soaked, sodden. And the colors are peak-fall rich. I simply must capture it. I’m quick on the draw, he’s not THAT late for his 2:00 appointment. C’mon. But he is not amused. I would say the whole lunch went that way, but that would be sensitive me.


Here are a few nice pics from midday:

Walking through Central Park:



Crossing Russell, looking east:


Not earth shattering pictures, I grant ya, but if you’re a photo-a-day blogger, you do what ya gotta do. As I write this, the sun’s coming out. According to my weather app, that’s it for rain for awhile. Now are you glad I got some pics?

2 Responses to “How to Drive Your Husband Crazy”

  1. Bev Says:

    It’s raining? Sure, Wait till I leave town and THEN rain. Harumph

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