All is Calm

November 8, 2014

I’m in that window between party prep and party start. I especially love it when that window is big, like now.

We’ve entertained large numbers in our home, like 140-ish when we got married, and I-don’t-remember-how-many-but-it-was-a-lot when Jim turned 50. During my DCTV days, we used to host large-ish Christmas parties. But we’ve never tried to seat more than about eight for dinner. For obvious reasons (space and matching supplies for the main two).

Tonight we’ll be twelve for dinner.  It’s a wine tasting party a few of us group-bid on in the silent auction at the benefit dinner for David’s Compassion Tour.. way back in May.

I had most of the stuff, but not tables, chairs, plates or silverware. (That’s supposed to be funny…)

It’s nice to be the venue person because other people are supplying food (except we’re doing the chicken souvlaki and lemon rice, and all the appetizers..including the subject of yesterday’s post, that great baba ghanoush… but lots more is coming!), and Andy the wine professor will handle all sommelier duties (is that what it’s called at something like this?).

My work’s over; now I get to kick back and enjoy. And maybe drink a lot of wine. I’m starving.

So… about an hour ’til folks show; twiddling my thumbs. Here’s my goofy hodge podge table. (Who’s got table cloths for a twelve foot table??) (I did come up with twelve matching napkins, and twelve matching placemats that, while redundant, were needed to cover the mismatched table cloths.).


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