October 22, 2014

I believe it’s been three years since I last played golf. Before that, was another very long golfless stretch.  Combination of things… I’ve fallen out of the habit, don’t have people to play with, have a far less bendy back than before, and until recently didn’t really have five-hour blocks of time available.

But.. today.. I played.  And of course just loved it. So here I am blogging about flogging (golf spelled backwards, you know that, right?) (Which reminds me that stressed spelled backward is also perfect… but I ssergid.)

I can’t say it all came roaring back, but enough of it did that it was extremely fun.

Played with John at Elmo. I don’t recall anyone ever calling it that before, but maybe it’s a thing now.  Elmo = El Macero. I might have much to say about El Macero Country Club and how it seems nothing’s changed since it was built in 1961, but it would seem judgmental and ungrateful, because it’s really a nice course and I had a nice time. And the lamb sliders with feta and crispy sweet potato fries were excellent.

So. Golf.

Here’s John teeing off on an incredibly lovely fall afternoon:


And taking a swipe from behind a tree:


I used to play there, though unbelievably, I remembered very little of the course. I do remember well, however, the seventh hole, site of my one and only hole-in-one, back in about 1991. John was my witness then and still remembered it.. I was glad about that. It was also my best hole today–I think my only par.  This was my tee shot (I am not kidding), which beautifully cleared both the water and the bunker.  These shots bring them back!


I ended up renting a set of clubs, since I never replaced the ones that were in the trunk of my car that was stolen … way back in 1992 (still bummed about that). It was a nice set of upscale clubs (should have been, they cost $45). But, funnily enough, they don’t include long irons!  Apparently, they’ve come up with hybrid clubs that are used now in place of three-, four- and five-irons. They have heads, albeit small ones.  Still, anything with a head seemed too unwieldy for out-of-practice me. Being as rusty as I was, I was going to forgo woods and use long irons for all my tee and fairway shots, but the best I could do was a six, which I used for most shots (until the end of the day when my confidence was up and I felt like I might be able to swing a wood, which I did, and which turned out great… the ball sure went farther!).  A six doesn’t get you very far down the fairway, so the fact I didn’t reach any (but one) hole in regulation is kind of understandable.

The other thing that was different was this:


Holy sh*t that changes everything!  No matter where you are, the GPS gives you a fairly accurate reading of how far you are to the green.. and all kinds of other things. Very cool use of technology.  Where have I been??

So, all in all, it was fantastic to play. Maybe come spring and the warmer weather…


Oh, and I shot a 120.  Hilarious, huh?

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