Urban Wild and Scenic

October 21, 2014

Happened by Steve and Ruben today in Central Park. (Steve oversaw our most recent backyard hardscape design, Ruben did all the heavy lifting). They are part of this dry creek rock bed and bench project.

As a frequent passer by, I am pleased with the effort:


Here’s the bench over by the Caterpillar: IMG_2895

I am also a huge fan of the Central Park gardens. I’ve written about this before, but it is gratifying to have been serving on the City’s Recreation and Park Commission back in the mid-80s and actually have a little to do with the eventual re-design of Central Park. I can’t claim a lot of credit personally, but I was definitely part of the process way back when, when the Arden-Mayfair lot converted to an expanded Central Park. Yay Maynard Skinner for making a big fuss about it, yay the voters for snatching this land from the clutches of commercial developers by supporting SOS (Save Open Space), yay the City for setting up a citizen-based planning process, yay landscape architect Mark Francis for overseeing a superb design, and yay the R&P Commission for being dutiful and awesome.

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