Assume the Position

October 10, 2014

Been doing a lot of reading lately.  When I can stay awake.

Yesterday, I was caught sleeping on the job (thanks a lot, Jim).


1. That’s Huckleberry Finn on the iPad. Turned itself off, wisely. Not sure how long I’d been out.

2. I’m lying over a mountain of couch pillows because my back was a bit sore. In spite of how it looks, it was really comfortable.

3. I really AM enjoying Huckleberry Finn, the above notwithstanding.

2 Responses to “Assume the Position”

  1. Carrie Says:

    You are so right, that looks so uncomfortable! I can’t believe you fell asleep like that!

  2. basykes Says:

    Love the photo. God help me if Walt ever decides to take pix of me!

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