October 9, 2014

After nearly a YEAR, Jim is back to a full set of choppers.  Jim would say it’s technically been only 8 1/2 months. But to me, the wife, it feels a lot longer, especially if the tooth your husband is doing without is right up front. It feels like an eternity if your ever-practical, not-a-vain-bone-in-his-body husband has opted not to fill the space with a temporary tooth (you know, because that’s a silly, unnecessary expense).

Implants. My lord. Super expensive, potentially a very uncomfortable procedure, and a lengthy, involved process (nearly a year!).

I have no right to be this happy, they aren’t even my teeth. It’s really none of my business if he chooses to go toothless for the better part of a year…..  but… well, yeah….. it made me cringe every time he opened his mouth.  I felt self-conscious as I introduced him around at my 40th high school reunion. (Yes, I’m shallow.) He seemed not to mind at all–at least not enough to fork over another $500 and endure the awkwardness of wearing a retainer-like appliance. No surprise there, I guess.

Anyway, the Jethro nightmare is over! His beautiful smile is back:


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