Hi Dee Di

April 15, 2014

Hung out here today:


With her:


Mostly we talked and walked (and acted like woodchucks in the tall grass… well one of us did).  But we also drove around in this (it’s her shiny, black, convertible Porsche; she’s into cars).


Who’s this she: My cousin Heidi.

Why all the talking: She’s recently back from India where she was visiting her husband, Manoj–who’s living over there on a work assignmen–and was going to tell me all about it.

But: We didn’t even get to the India stories because we talked the whole time about her son Miles’ concussion from a water polo kick to the head a couple months ago and the fact he can’t play water polo right now and had to drop three of his four classes.

Which: Is a fine how-do-you-do if you’re a freshman  in college.

Where: Pepperdine, Malibu.

Is he okay: Conner, his twin, is keeping an eye on him.

What’s with the blog title: They used to call her that.

Who: My aunt Joy and uncle Vic.

Whom: I wrote about here and here




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