Snow Day

April 13, 2014

If you’re only going to get one day in the snow for the year, this was a good one to get. Himlen är alldeles blå! as they’d say in Sweden.


Decided this morning to explore a little of the Pacific Crest Trail south of Hwy 50 up at Echo Summit, since we’ve only ever gone north from that particular point.

Paid online for a sno-park pass and headed up to the mountains.  These were the conditions on north-facing slopes–lots of snow still and the snow was fairly deep (maybe four feet?); you had to avoid tree wells and rock wells. Not always successful; stepped through many times. Even needed a rescue once. Snow shoes, once in, are hard to pull out.


Warm enough for t-shirts. Jim took it all the way down to the first layer (sparing you this photo series); I was too lazy so hiked in a light thermal on top and left the heavy thermal on below (sweat therapy?).

We followed the PCT for a little ways, then bore off, through a modest sledding resort and up a hill to get this view of Tahoe. Once we left the sledding area, we didn’t see anybody for the rest of the afternoon.


Meandered through a small cluster of closed-for-the-winter cabins and down into a small basin. Came upon this no-name lake (we’re heading up on the other side of this):


Then climbed up a great, sparkly slope (here’s a portion below) for a better view of the canyon through which Hwy 88 runs (though couldn’t see it.. too far below). This was a great hill to climb–good traction because the snow was soft and a great workout.


Found a huge boulder at the top of this ridge–great views–and sat for a while, ate an apple. Glorious up there. Jim added back a layer.

Then after about 30-40 minutes, headed down again into the canyon. Passed this beautiful–dead–Jeffry Pine (or possibly Ponderosa):


Not much more to say. We more or less picked our way through the trees until we found that sledding place again. Some poor guy (an adult) was being carried out on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance.. even in a small po-dunk place like that. Then back to the sno-park.

Nice day traipsing around with this guy:


2 Responses to “Snow Day”

  1. Teresa Cheyney Says:

    Beautiful pictures! I miss granite. We have limestone.

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