I Don’t Wop. Du You?

May 26, 2023

Jim and I went to hear a lot of people du wopping tonight at the Melon Ball… Watermelon Music’s performance venue. T’was a fun night. Mostly, we went to hear our good friend Bill, who’s been a singer in many groups, of many styles, over many decades. There were a couple of other du wop groups, who were fine, but the main draw for us was Bill and, thankfully, he sang with two different groups tonight, both pretty good!

A couple/few pics:

This was the best my iPhone could do (with me an an operator.. I think there’s a better way to get a longer exposure for low-light situations, but I don’t know it). Let’s just pretend that I applied a fancy, artistic filter and that this is a stylized and totally intentional effect.


It was also a fundraiser for Watermelon, who lost a whole bunch of money during the pandemic. Davis, being the generous community that it is, and a community that loves its homegrown businesses, has responded to pleas of help from Watermelon, including donating at concerts like this. So that’s pretty nice, too.

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