Thirty Pints Today!

May 24, 2023

I’ve probably bragged blogged about this before… but today is kind of neat for me because today I gave my thirtieth pint of blood.

Can I get an exclamation point?

This is the kind of email that makes it all worth it:

You’d think the donut would be the selling point….. but in fact, it’s the email above that motivates me. And besides, there are no donuts. I keep meaning to talk to the management about this sorry situation. Raisins, yes. Goldfish, yes. Cranberry juice, yes. Packaged cookies, yes. DONUTS?? No.

I mean.

I’ve never had the nerve to ask someone to take my picture while nestled into the blood-giving lounge chair. But I found this image in the Googles and it’s pretty close. I chose this image because: she’s blond, she’s all happy, she gripping a red rubber item (just like we do at the Davis Vitalant), AND, she’s wearing blue jeans and a white shirt (which is exactly what I was wearing today!).

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