Clear As Mud

May 22, 2023

Peter gave a presentation today to his lab colleagues at U Mich. It’s an update on the research (and write-up thereof) he is coordinating with a team from UC San Diego (of all places!).

He called today and when we asked about it, he shared the presentation with us via Zoom.

It’s not that Peter is a bad explainer…. It’s just that no part of this is ever going to make sense to me, no matter how clearly he explains it. That said… I could listen to him trying to explain it to me all day and all night long.

Anyway. I love him and love that he’s so into it. I’m just incredibly happy for P these days, as he loves his work, and is in love with M, We heard about a meaningful weekend they’d just had in Indiana with M’s family honoring her dad who’d passed away last Christmas. We also heard about their summer travel plans (including Europe!), a week of which will include hiking with us in Yosemite. These are the good things that are going on.. and make a mama happy

But there are other things, too.


As a placemark: I’d like to write about this morning, but … again … I’m feeling overwhelmed and not really ready to put things into words. I attended what was to be the preliminary hearing for the stabbing murders that occurred in Davis almost a month ago now. The hearing was suspended as the defendant’s lawyer asked for time to conduct a psych evaluation, stating that his client is not fit to stand trial. It turned into a ten minute procedural exercise. But being in the courtroom with the guy who murdered David and a UCD student Karim (and severely injured another woman), AND the families and friends of all three victims, plus the family of the murderer, was surreal. Following, I agreed to talk to the press who were there (Bee, KCRA, CapRadio). Those accounts showed up this afternoon in their respective places, though I haven’t been able to actually read/hear all of them.

Oh, and our good friend Sam was the presiding judge.

So.. I do want to write about it. Just not now.

It’s easier to focus on Peter’s math.

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