Davisward Bound

March 25, 2023

(Note: I have written somewhere north of 2000 blog posts in my years of blogging. That’s 2000+ titles I’ve had to come up, and hopefully not repeat. So please forgive those that are weird.)

And speaking of north.. I’m heading home on this day. Saying goodbye until my next visit to the giant eucalyptuses of my youth….

And the surfers…

Before I left the southland, I had lunch with track buddy Kath. Our tradition has been to meet in Calabasas for lunch, which we did today.. a gorgeous day for outside dining and turtle/koi viewing. And a pic to mark the occasion.

This is a drive I do not really mind. I’ve done it so many times.. and usually, by the time I’m pulling into Davis, I’m feeling like, eh, that wasn’t so bad.. went by fast. And, in spite of the common refrains about I-5 being boring, it can be really beautiful, too.

To wit:

Pyramid Lake near the top of the Grapevine:

Some remaining Grapevine snow (they got a ton this year, closed traffic numerous times.. though not this day)..

I’ve always loved this first glimpse of the Central Valley, with I-5 a straight shot into the distance…

The valley was crazy green and covered in wildflowers, and the clouds added additional visual interest..

In ‘n Out is my reward for long drives up the Central Valley.. (no wonder I don’t mind the drive)…single, no cheese, with onion. It’s so fresh and crispy…

And just bunches of nice views… some from a view point, some shot blindly off to the side (and cropped later). The last one is of Mt. Diablo across the valley at sunset…

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