Even More Beach

March 23, 2023

The time stamps on my photos show that I went down to the Esplanade multiple times today (again).. just to, you know, look at the water. The beach trips were bookended by 1) an early morning haircut with Claes and 2) a late dinner in San Pedro with the gang. So .. here are the pics from a nice Wednesday in the southland.

The immediately after version of my haircut, every hair in place, as perfected by Claes (we went for short, interesting, allow bangs to grow out, warm color):

Which all went to hell on my first walk down to the beach:

Betsy came out again and we had a great lunch at Turquoise. We sat outside, but this is their lovely interior…

I will never get tired of this place. The owner never fails to make the rounds and check on everything, and offer education about middle eastern food. This time he sent us home with several packets of sumac.

Some more beach shots…. these stairs I honest-to-god almost stumbled down.. my tennis shoe gripped the ground a little too well… but I caught myself by grabbing the rail. Lesson: pay attention.

Betsy took off and I had a quiet afternoon, then headed up to Lunada Bay to get Chris and we drove to San Pedro to meet everyone for dinner. I couldn’t resist a few pics on the way…

This is us, outside Campagnon.. a fairly decent french restaurant. I was a bit disappointed, but will chock it up to their ambitious menu. We had great wines, escargot (I didn’t), french onion soup, and all manner of french dishes for dinner.. with shared mousse for dessert. This was my beef bourguignon.. looks better than it was.

Chris, Betsy (who drove all the way back with her sister after playing golf following our lunch!), Anne, Matty, Michael, me with my new [Betsy-like] haircut.

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