Gorgeous Dramatic Fierce

March 21, 2023

Left Matt and Michael’s this morning to begin part 2 of the Southland visit..

Cruised through downtown LB… this is along Ocean Blvd

And over the new bridge down in the port, the one you cross just before the Vincent Thomas Bridge that takes you into San Pedro. Seems like we were watching its construction for years and years, and now it’s finally done, and it’s pretty cool. It was a grey shot, made blurry by rain, so I goofed around with it (using Prism):

By the time I hit the peninsula, the sky started to clear. I love entering PV via this route (while flipping the bird as I drive past the trump golf course).

Some good ocean views from the road.. the clouds were breaking up, but the seas were churning!

Then the E-ticket ride that is the eroding Palos Verdes Dr. South…

I had about a half an hour to kill before meeting Carol G. Negier for lunch at Lunada Bay… so stopped at Pt. Vicente for a quick walk:

It was fiercely windy!

Really enjoyed seeing Carol again. She wasn’t someone I knew well in high school — different circles — but is someone I’ve gotten to know fairly well since about 6 or 7 years ago. Lives in Paris and we’ve visited her there (fancy fancy). She’s managing details of her mom’s transition from her house in PV to an assisted living place down in Torrance. After lunch Carol showed me around her mom’s house (nice, classic mid-century PV house). After that I spent some time at Chris’s, then headed down to my Ave A cottage in Redondo to settle in.

Stopped first to enjoy the Esplanade in stormy mode:

I can’t tell you how much I love the two little beach cottages I rotate between when staying in Redondo.. one on Ave A, one on Ave C. Modest, but cozy and close to the Esplanade. Can’t get enough of that view, the walk, the long stretches of bench-sitting. I remember my mom saying the same thing.. that she could sit on those benches and look at that view forever. The vast horizon, the air, the peace she felt.

I agree.

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