Hiya Spring

March 16, 2023

What a gloriously sunny day it was today! Feels like the first real spring-like day we’ve had in a very long time.

If you counted rain days since November, you’d find that in four and a half months — roughly 135 days — there were maybe 60 rain days (do NOT quote me on that). Curious, I did go to a weather site about a week ago, and counted the rain days, but lost my little tally (scribbled on a piece of scratch paper). Generally what I learned was, in spite of my feeling that it had rained just about every single day for months on end, there were probably more non-rain days than rain days. Again, don’t quote me on this. Still, ELEVEN atmospheric rivers have drenched northern California this winter, about eleven more than normal. We MAY have had an AR or two in the past, maybe, but this year has been an altogether new and different rain experience.

So…. today felt more springy and more colorful and there was definitely the hint of warm days coming. And we are ready.

Mostly front yard and a couple from the back:

Tulip tree’s waning… but look at all the color coming in! Calendula and poppies are filling in and starting to form a blanket of orange..

And here come Jim’s fave:

A purple guy snuck in (and besides this one, we have another couple of volunteers that are in the blue family and gorgeous!)…

Front yard also has a decent patch of sour grass. The back’s got a lot more back in the orchard.

And speaking of the back, here is our first bulb (not counting all the narcissus that popped up before Christmas)..

Can’t remember what these are, but just love them. They should be followed by some daffs and tulips, and other unnamed bulbs, soon.

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