How You know…

March 6, 2023

it’s still winter in Davis.

Sat in the window at Temple Coffee this morning. Things to notice: an absolutely beautiful latte and an absolutely fantastically tasty pumpkin muffin, AND, rain on the sidewalk. Seemingly never ending rain.

And just because.. here’s a close up of that latte. I love Cloud Forest and Mishka’s and will continue to patronize them, but will look forward to Mondays–when CF (current regular coffee spot) is closed–to go to Temple. Mishka’s has dropped down a couple pegs b/c it’s so crowded and the wifi is so terrible… but I’ll still go because, well, I love Mishka’s!

Really though.. look at this latte.

You also know it’s still winter when someone thought to give one of the joggers a tee-shirt to protect against these crazy low temps!

And finally, as I write this, I’m still sitting beside a fire to keep warm, still drinking hot tea to keep warm, still draping a wool blanket over me to keep warm, still wearing a heavy flannel shirt to keep warm, still wearing a down vest in the house to keep warm…

And it’s MARCH! And the rain and unseasonably low temps are still coming….

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