There’s Always Beauty

March 2, 2023

Right? I honestly do not have to work at this.. I don’t ever have to remind myself to see the beauty all around us. I’m not sappy about it, I just am always seeing it. I don’t mean to say others don’t — I hope everyone does, and expect most do.

I’m always feeling like snapping a pic of this and that. Because honest to god, it is just one big work of art out there.

These are not award winning (they’re not meant to be), but represent a few lovely (or interesting) shots on the day.

I met Jennifer for a late afternoon walk. We started at Muir Commons and made our way over to Emerson. She needed to walk her two dogs, Cooper and Cuddles. This is Cooper snooping around a tree near the Emerson track.

As I was driving home, caught a bit of a nice sunset… and felt envious, for the millionth time, of those who have a view of the horizon from wherever they might live. I do wish we could see more sky from our windows at home.. but our tradeoff was to live downtown, among the trees… which affords zero view of any horizon in any direction. Waah.

This is at the corner of Denali and Road 31, looking toward the Berryessa Gap. Ahhhhh.

And just for fun….. any guesses?

I stopped to get gas and wash my car on the way home… I’m now getting blow dried.

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