January 28, 2022

A subject I hope not to write a lot about, ever: falling down.

It’s sort of a cliche with folks of a certain age, but for gooness sakes, I’m not there yet.

Be that as it may, I fell last night on a cold, dark sidewalk. I will tell the brief story in pictures and not belabor it. ‘K?

So, I’d been downtown having a glass of wine with Vicki S at the recently renamed Davis Wine Bar, on Second. That turned into 1 1/2 glasses, but that does not factor into this story. I’d walked, so was heading home around 7:00, dark. Coincidentally, Jim texted as I was leaving and asked if I wanted an escort, something he’s taken to doing more often these days, what with the mean streets of Davis becoming more of a thing. To which I replied, sure!, even as I was about halfway home. I was walking at a rapid clip and thought I might get home before he’d even left.

I also texted my route.. because that varies with just about every trip downtown and back. I’d picked the most trafficky: Second to B to Russell to A.

As I was walking west on Russell, having just trotted j-walkedly across the boulevard, I saw him coming. I thought to myself: there he is, that was fast! and he looks a little bowl-legged.

Deep into both thoughts, and looking at him at a distance illuminated in the street light, I missed seeing a lip in the sidewalk. My toe slammed right into it and sent me stuttering, ingracefully, along.. trying to get my feet back under me, but my forward momentum was faster than my feet. So.. yeah.. I went down.

That’s the whole story. Crazy huh? Or.. maybe not. Just a root-lifted hunk o’ sidewalk with a monster lip in the dark of night.. and a medium old lady (I DID just turn 66 two days ago) not watching where she was going.

She did spare her new iPhone the worst of the impact; she’s got her priorities straight.

First things first, speaking of the iPhone, here’s the munched case. It should be noted, I’d just put this on my phone yesterday, AND, this is the second iPhone case I’d ordered, as the first was for the larger sized iPhone 13 which I’ve yet to return. (Also, can you believe these things cost 59 bucks?)

Here is what my thick down coat looked like after hitting the asphalt and rolling around a bit. Waaaah!

And, despite a thick down sleeve between my elbow and the sidewalk, I still got a decent raspberry, which kinda hurts. (I do believe, however, that I will live.)

And here’s the best pic of all: the sidewalk’s offending raised lip… right in front of City Hall, I might add!

Jim immediately sent a photo and report to the city via that GORequest app. The picture he sent last night was not as clear as this one, though (which he took this afternoon by the light of day).

That is quite the trip hazard, no?

I feel like the City ought to replace my iPhone case, and maybe even my jacket. Jim says they don’t do that, though… can’t imagine why. And, of course, they should fix the damn sidewalk.

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