I’m Puzzled

January 13, 2022

I used to be a indefatigable Spider player. (I don’t know if the inventor of that fun-to-say word meant for it to be used in the context of a solitaire game app, but I’m using it in this context anyway).

Then, Peter got Jim and me to play the NYT Daily Mini Crossword. So that’s been going on for over a year.

Then, Matt got me to play Words with Friends, which I’ve been playing fiendishly since Thanksgiving. For the first couple of months I lost each and every game to that annoying Mutt the Butt, who comes up with words that don’t exist anywhere but in this stupid game, apparently. In the past week or so, the tables have turned. I’ve learned how to form the same ridiculous words for super large scores and now I seem to be winning more than losing. Now, Words with Friends (which…. since Matt’s the only one I play with I call Words with Matt, and sometimes I call it NonWords with Matt, or better still: NonWords with Mutt the Butt!) is rather fun and I play it seemingly constantly.

Then, a friend from Sweden days, Julie, suggested to her Facebook tribe that we try Wordle. No way am I taking on another game. But I thought no harm in trying it.. it is all the rage these days. Recent articles: Wordle: A Love Story (NYT, two days ago); Wordle is Our New Drug (Washington Post, two days ago); Why is Everyone Playing Wordle? (Marketwatch, two days ago); Here’s Why We Can’t Stop Playing Wordle (Mashable, nine days ago). So today was my first official game (I messed up on the instructions on my first effort yesterday).

Worth noting: I did it in three tries. That is a decent effort! Yay me. Can’t wait til tomorrow’s!

And, just for yucks, because someone else on Julie’s thread begged everyone to play the NYT’s Spelling Bee, I did that today, too. And…. loved it. Here was my not-too-shabs first outing:

They said one could have found 39 words — so I missed a few — but 30 was considered genius. How ’bout that!

Like Wordle and the Daily Mini, the Spelling Bee comes out just once a day and requires a relatively minimal amount of time to solve….. unlike Spider and NonWords with Mutt the Butt, which can both be played all day every day (!!) and suck all the life right out of your soul.

Suck away, I’m addicted to them all.


Just to prove I did something other than puzzles today, here’s a gorgeous Rorschach of Putah Creek this morning.

One Response to “I’m Puzzled”

  1. Wes Says:

    I noticed that Ray was really into the NYTimes crossword puzzles over winter break. Maybe he got this from Peter! Margie and my mom used to play Words with Friends fairly often…not so much now. Have a good weekend!

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