Until Next Time, A2

October 25, 2021

After a week of very cooperative (and beautiful) weather, we left Michigan on a rainy day. We managed a full week fun activities, many of them outdoors, so way to thread the weather needle K&J!

In organizing all my stuff and packing to leave, I assembled this pile of scrapbook items (shockingly, I am not a person who scrapbooks, so no need to save any of these!):

We had a late afternoon flight, so after a leisurely breakfast with Lisa (this was Claire’s long day of clients so she was in her office on back to back to back Zoom calls), we had time for a good cafe session at the Drip House on Main, just across from the stadium (we will return!). Then it was all travel: shuttles, TSA lines, wee bags of crunchy snacks, single solitary overhead reading lights, bathroomettes, rote take off and landing instructions, more shuttles, time warps … yadda, etc, ugh.

Oh, and this:

We did all airports — Detroit, Denver and Sac — with a wheelchair for ME! Somehow, last night, I did something to my… IT band? Femoral nerve? Sciatic nerve? Hip? Back? Not sure what it was, but it manifested in a sharp pain to my outer right thigh and my complete inability to put any (ANY) weight on my right leg. Quite the problem on travel day.

Buy wow… are wheelchairs fun in airports! Plus, you get to skip lines, board early and sit close to the front door of the aircraft (as they call it). So no complaints. Except I’m not too happy about the jabbing pains. This better resolve soon.

I made great progress in Beautiful Ruins (great book) and enjoyed some nice views of flyover country:

Lots of windmills in what I think was Iowa (they are so huge, you can actually see them spinning from 37k feet), and those round irrigated crop patterns in what I think was eastern Colorado. And clouds somewhere.

Arrived home about 9ish. Very civilized.

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