Country Living

October 22, 2021

Check out day for Jim and me… moving from the Burnt Toast Inn to Lisa’s and Claire’s house. We’d offered to cook dinner for them, so first stop was to the People’s Food Coop in downtown, just on the edge of Kerrytown, and nearby Zingerman’s for some bread and cheese.

What a nice town.

Speaking of nice…. between Ann Arbor and Dexter, along the Huron River, lies a sweet little community of rural-ish homes. This is where Lisa and Claire bought a new home and moved in just three months ago.

The house (which will undergo some pretty significant remodeling next month):

And the neighborhood….

We are carrying our groceries down the street to some friends’ house where we’ll cook and eat dinner tonight (see earlier comment about upcoming remodeling)..

And here are some other shots.. so so pretty in the fall (and chilly!):

There are two lakes right there, too (think swimming in the summer and skating in the winter):

Then we decided to drive (just 5 miles west) to Dexter (an old mill town) for lunch..a much smaller town (pop < 5000):

Took a walk along the river (Huron) and walked through a small cemetery …

Caught a few lovely sights on the way home.. this is a bird sculpture along the side of the road:

Then headed over to L&C’s friends’ house to cook: pasta, salad, garlic bread, vino (Turkovich’s The Boss!) and a berry pie with gelato. So glad that Peter joined us!

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