A2 Here We Come

October 18, 2021

This mom’s excited. Have I said how much I enjoy: 1) visiting Peter; 2) being in Ann Arbor; 3) being in Ann Arbor in the Fall; 4) travelin’ with Jim; 5) hanging with friends….. plus….. the prospect of meeting Maya, going to a big ol’ hairy college football game, trying new restaurants, getting to know better the area, doing touristy things, having time to read and sit in cafes…

All. Of. It.

Times a hundred million.

Especially seeing Peter. In his home, among his peeps, doing his life. And, I strongly suspect, enjoying it all mightily.


Okay, so we depart drought-stricken, brown California… and land in water-logged, green Michigan:

Our first four nights will be at the Burnt Toast Inn — my/our third time here. It would have been longer, but for the fact it’s a game weekend and we didn’t book a room far enough in advance. Sarah had four days early in the week, but no room at the Inn over the weekend. This turns out to be fine because: Lisa and Claire… which I’ll get to in a later post!

After an easy, on-time landing in Detroit, we got our car and headed into Ann Arbor.. about a 25-minute drive. Settled into the Gold Room at Sarah’s and met up with Peter. Woohoo!

We had dinner at a great place called Frita Batidos — “Stark white space with picnic table seating serves colorful cuban street food & tropical cocktails.” Check!

Then we walked and walked and walked… onto campus, around town… talked, looked at stuff.

The above were on the main campus, adjacent to downtown, the below was a promenade just off campus.. it was pretty late by this point, but felt good to be in fresh air after a long travel day.

And that was pretty much day one.

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