Every Day is Son’s Day

September 28, 2021

But, per Facebook anyway, today is National Son’s Day.

I’ll bite!!

Here is our pride ‘n joy..

I will never tell another person how to parent their child (I’ll pass my judgment .. but keep it to myself). And — and I mean this — I allow as how each kid is unique. A parent is the one who knows best that uniqueness and that kid’s needs, so it’s best if we outsiders just back off and let parents parent.

That said, here is what I learned while being a mom: love that kid to death. Love him. Support him. Make sure he knows you love and treasure him. Follow him. Let him plot the course and support that. Love him, whatever that course is. Respect him as a human being. Listen to what he says. Answer his questions. Be straight. That’s part of love.

Kids are meant to be loved. Wouldn’t we all be better if we grew up certain that we were loved and valued? Appreciated for exactly who we are?

We can all do this. Costs nada. Love them with everything we’ve got. They need it and deserve it. We brought them here (for which I’m sure they’ll be grateful one day), so our job is to parent them with love, attention and intention.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not a perfect mom. I’m sure I dropped the ball from time to time. But, for me, it’s been a ride of joy (didn’t want to call it a joy ride, because that sounds reckless!) from the get go.

I’ll never stop gushing. Parenting has been the highlight of my life.

Pure joy, pure love.

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