Forget Me Not

September 20, 2021

I went to the freezer the other day to fetch some chocolate — I love frozen chocolate chips — and found this…

… which gave me a start.

Took me a moment to figure out what that gross thing was, but I did: A beer that’d been forgotten, exploded and then froze.

Jim, Jim, Jim.

Here’s another look after we fished it out (being careful not to cuts selves on the glass):

I blame this on aging. I mean, having a beer is a nightly routine for Jim: Workout; futz around in garage until 6:00; come into kitchen and place a beer in the freezer; take shower; retrieve beer and take it to office; mess around on computer drinking beer til 7:00; come into kitchen to work on dinner (or eat, if I cooked). Somehow he skipped that beer retrieval step.

[Note: on this particular night, we were going to pub quiz at DeVere’s. Therefore, we were skipping dinner at home and the whole first part of the routine was time-shifted to accommodate a 5:45 departure. Jim gets a slight break on forgetting the beer under those circumstances. But only slight, right? He left the beer in the freezer! No breaks for that.]

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