Kari Kari Not Contrary

May 17, 2021

(Okay, that was an embarrassing choice for a title.)

Mary came over today to help me start the garden. She had some great suggestions (including buying a lot more starts and seeds because there is a lot of room in those beds!). So.. here’s how my garden grows:

No silver bells and cockleshells, but tomatoes, zucs, pepps, eggplant, chard, chives, basil…. all in a row.

And here is another great development.. Jim removed all the stuff that was temporarily stored in the former play structure, soon to be an garden observation tower (with a coupla chairs and a table for relaxin’ with a view). You can see the ladder one will have to climb… fun huh? Next: power wash it, stain the whole thing, add attractive wood screens on three sides around the lower part to enclose space for storage… and voila!

And, one day, I imagine grandkids will enter the picture and Jim’s and my ladder climbing days will be over and we’ll add back a slide, a swing, some sand for the sand box and it’ll be, once again, a play structure.

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