Sally in the Valley

May 14, 2021

That ^^ means: off to visit Sally in Bear Valley for the weekend.

(Nobody’s hiring me to write headlines anytime soon.)

The drive up was just one glorious view after another.. through the foothills on highways 12, 88, 12, 49, and 4 — orchards, vineyards, barns, sheep and oaks — and then into the Sierra. Ahhhhhhh…

In time to see dogwoods:

Snow at the cabin! Couldn’t even get a car into the driveway (you can see the cabin back in the trees):


This is a satellite shot of what remains of the Sierra snow pack. It’s actually not much (as of May 14, statewide snow-water equivalent is 5% of normal for this date) and California’s in a serious draught again:

Too much snow, too little snow… the daffs are still popping out.

We took a nice walk down to the village then up to the lake… get the heart pumping a little…

This justified a huge plate-o-aps:

Let the weekend begin.

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